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Almost PWND!!
TFD (The Fallen DarkHearts)
The Ties only group
Uncle Bunny's Top Hat Club


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S.A.W. the game! 100.000+ Visits! [V1.9]

Visited 271,124 times (755 last week)
S.A.W. the game! 100.000+ Visits! [V1.9]
{"~" is part of the update} {"-" is things I plan on doing/adding} [V1.8 Update] ~New Spawnpoint ~Bug fixed (Spawning on roofs) ~New playable area. [V1.7 Update] ~New addition to the story ~Recreated a room ~CHECKPOINTS ADDED! -longer story [V1.6 Update] ~Huge new room added to the ending ~More decoration added -Redo the whole "outside" scene [V1.5 Update] ~Rewrote all dialogs ~Fixed a issue when there was no floor [V1.4 Update] ~Added new things to the end ~Owner only door added to test the end -Rewrite the whole dialogs [V1.3 Update] ~Added some furniture to a room ~Made a portal smaller ~MORE BLOOD :D ~Added a few things to the new ending ~CLOSED COMMENTS -Rewrite the whole dialogs [V1.2 Update] ~ADDED A CHECKPOINT! ~Added a part to the new ending -Rewrite the Dialogs -Finish the end [V1.1 Update] ~Added a Flashlight ~Reduced Fog ~Anchored the table at the start ~Added some scenery ~Replaced some ordinary blocks with falling block
Blacksmith Tycoon

Visited 7,869 times (9 last week)
Blacksmith Tycoon
Spray Paint Fun

Visited 5,930 times (16 last week)
Spray Paint Fun
To change your collor of your Paint ; Press The 'Z' Key For Green Press The 'X' Key for Blue Press The 'C' Key for Red Press The 'V' Key for Yellow Press The 'B' Key for White Press The 'N' Key For Black Press The 'M' Key For Orange. That's all. I do not want people Spraying bad wourds.
Destructive Town.

Visited 1,080 times (0 last week)
Destructive Town.
The Ultimate Dangerous Lava Obby!

Visited 81 times (3 last week)
The Ultimate Dangerous Lava Obby!


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