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Fame or Fan Roleplay! Vip in DESC

Visited 31,803 times (48 last week)
Fame or Fan Roleplay! Vip in DESC
Fame or Fame Roleplay! Roleplay as yourself, or anything you want! Own a house, be a police man, even a fan! LINKS::VIP(On Sale)-- LINK: VIP: Jonny Depp, Lady Gaga ANYONE in the Famous Club! ::::I did make this game. Anyone saying they did lied. Look at my models, there is the proof.
Talk to 18 Epic Funny Bricks

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Talk to 18 Epic Funny Bricks
...::: 18 isn't a big number, but all of the bricks are multi-choice... So all in all its about 147 lines in total... :;:;:;:SOME BRICKS MAY NOT BE FUNNY TO YOU, PLEASE DON'T WRITE COMMENTS SAYING THAT THEY ARENT FUNNY, EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT:;:;:;:, Just search for some bricks that are funny. :::I have future plans for my place. Such as: More talking bricks, more dialogue choices. Have any ideas and or suggestions? PM Me, PwnerZakk for these ideas or suggestions.
Simple Times: Hidden Islands -RolePlay-

Visited 2,172 times (3 last week)
 Simple Times: Hidden Islands -RolePlay-
Next update will include: Interior design and new buildings. STORY::A long time ago, In 1942, were it was hidden from WWII. A couple people living here, and those who do allow all people to come as they please. The way these people stay hidden is a mystery. These natives have gear. Building as they get more money from others, they continue to to get money from attacking ships going by. These natives also get their food from crops and board ships. Such as, Filtered water, Crops, and plently of places to explore.


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