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Muffin Order Of Robloxia
Muffin Order Of Robloxia
I am the proud leader of the
Muffin Order Of Robloxia (MOOR).
I am the King of Muffins (KOM).
I am level 86 on clockwork's calc.
Referral Code: 15-859-515.
--Magistrom Rp Profile--
Name: By Dragon races- Drurkin
By Orcks and Snarls- Xurdrik
By all other races- Korxdrun
Race: Dragon
Sword: Xurkroff
God: Kurrur
Home: Ragronvon
Spirit Home: Kaxxul, Vryrinel
Occupation: Blood Seeker
Elemental Strengths: Fire, Blood, and Darkness
Elemental Weaknesses: Water, Healing, and Light
Guild: Forging Guild
Guild Rank: Master Forger
Students: (Aakatar), (Davidz1000)
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Dbz Frosakian
Muffin Order Of Robloxia
Range's Cape Revolution Testers


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Highest Ever Voting Accuracy: 52%

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DBZ Planets 2 (Closed-Alpha)

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DBZ Planets 2 (Closed-Alpha)
News: Closed-Alpha ____________________________________ Songs: Battle Music - "Cursed Abbey" -- Full Power Coming Music - "One Winged Angel" -- Epic Battle Music - "TOPW" -- Saimek Theme - "Schala"


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