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Helpful if not annoyed, mostly social and friendly. I do accept FRs and read every PM.

Sword fighting 3/5
Gun fighting 3/5
Building 4/5
Scripting 2/5
Loyalty 5/5
Nerves 4/5
Leadership 4/5

ETC = Estimated Time of Completion. (DD-DD.MM.YYYY)
RA fort (in construction, about 90% done) ETC: 07-10.7.2012
RA truck (plans done, couple problems) ETC: 11-14.7.2012
RA helicopter (not started, but idea is ready) ETC: 18-21.7.2012
AC-130 (not started, but some ideas ready) ETC: 15-22.8.2012
T-90 (plans done, great ideas) ETC: 22-29.8.2012
Realism engine (not started, many problems) ETC: 7-22.10.2012

Currently a LT in RA.

Warning: do NOT piss me off while im in bad mood, do NOT call anyone noob if u dont know what it means, and use your brains whatever you tend to do.
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Midnight Shades
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Spectelectro Oculus
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