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Is been a long time since I have guest... Is been even longer since any have left alive...
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Circadian Rhythm (New world Added)
ROBLOX fan game of Yume Nikki along with it's other fan games .flow, Yume 2kki, and more that I do not know... Regardless, the games reminds me of me... Life amiss, wondering about my life, thinking what am I doing...? What is this world, in the living, the other, and in my dreams. Thus the stage has been set... Stage 1, feeling sleepy I can no longer open my eyes. Stage 2 I'm asleep, do not wake me up, for it is easy to be awake in this stage. Stage 3 where I sleep well thou, this stage has more waves than ever... Stage 4 I sleep well, never again can be wake with ease. The fearful stage of them all, unknown to the world even and all REM Stage, sounds like realm, to me a dream is a realm what is it...? A memory of me...? Walking into the unknown and into the layers of my unknown...


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