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Vortex Security
i come back once in while to check on things

"give me a kitty"

Kitty catz. Thats all I need in the world

"quotes make people look cool"

All good ROBLOXians leave the moment they see how ROBLOX has changed into something that is very greedily unfair.
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The ATV Racing Game (WIP)

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The ATV Racing Game (WIP)
ROOMIER!Credit to IJUSTPWNDYOU for most of the script clean ups in the ATVs. Congratz to him. I truly thank him. One script is left to fix the infinity problem and the rest is CFraming the terrain and what is needed to make it feel more of a race course. Thank you also killjoy for helping with the infinity atvs Fix. I truley thank you, too! And when I get enough tix, Ill pay you 1/3 of the money to you and IJUSTPWNDYOU


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