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I prefer melee-midranged fights. I'm good at range fights but they are boring to me. I am a Southern Baptist.
I am an INFJ. If your curious about what that is then just type it into google.
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Fairy Tail: New World
Golden flame Pirates
Magi Kingdom of Magic -Natsu229-
Mermaid Heel Guild (NW)


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Comon down to pozesville. cause we have it all. Bring your mom, bring dad, we even have a torture chamber. Watch your feet cause we have a foot eatn porcipine.
Pozes' Projects inc

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Pozes' Projects inc
This is Pozes' Projects incorperated. This is the place where I build various things for myself and others. Current Project: Figuring out and fixing a script for a friend.
Pozes' WIP

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Pozes' WIP
pozes's Place Number: 7

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pozes's Place Number: 7
Kekkashi battlegrounds/roleplay (beta)

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Kekkashi battlegrounds/roleplay (beta)
This is the home of kekkashi battlegrounds/beta. I am currently trying to fix/find some moves that will be good for each class. For now the map shall stay the same.
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