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Death Hunters Of Robloxia
Death Hunters Of Robloxia
Bonjour! I'm C96Mauser, a Canadian robloxian.
I self taught myself to script and have been doing it for years. It is my favourite thing to do on Roblox (notice I spell favourite like a Canadian). I have two popular maps, Best Normandy Tanks and Best Omaha Beach. My friend lordwe helped greatly with the former, and is helping me make my new map, still a work in progress, France FPS (needs a new name).
I don't go on terribly often to play, but I do check mail daily and will be happy to talk to you! Whether you want to play on my map with me sometime when I'm on, or want advice for your own map, I'm happy to help.
Happy tanking!
Things to Know About Me:
Friendlyness: 9/10
Scripting: 9.8/10
Building: 8.5/10
Building Things for Others: 0.5/10
Giving People Tips and Pointers for Their Building: 9/10
Speaking English: 10/10
Speaking French: 3/10
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Death Hunters Of Robloxia
normandyfan and C96Mauser's OFFICIAL Fan Club! :D


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Active Places

Best Normandy Tanks

Visited 51,230 times (38 last week)
Best Normandy Tanks
Check Out My Progress On My New Game! This map is currently in Beta. ------------------------------------------------------ Welcome to C96Mauser's and lordwe's Best Normandy Tanks! It is a WWII tank-only map, set in Normandy, France. ------------------------------------------------------ Buy the VIP shirt now! ------------------------------------------------------
Cars and Tanks with Suspension and Steering! New!

Visited 4,056 times (26 last week)
Cars and Tanks with Suspension and Steering! New!
If you like this map or my others, or i have helped you with things, please join my new fan club curtisy of seth41223! ~~ New suspension maps by me! see Mauser98k and MauserSuspension! ~~ NOTHING is invisible in this map to make it hidden, except for the parts on the jeep (just to make it look nice)
WWII - France FPS! Beta, Panzer IV!

Visited 2,156 times (41 last week)
WWII - France FPS! Beta, Panzer IV!
Showcase Video: Left Mouse: Fire Right Mouse: Aim Shift (Hold): Sprint C: Crouch X or Z: Prone G: Throw Grenade Hold G: Cook Grenade H: Throw Smoke Grenade C96Mauser and lordwe's Newest Map! A Tank and Infantry map set in Normandy, France, where the Germans fight against the Amazing Canadians! Tags: World War 2 II WWII Germany Canada Military War First Person Shooter FPS Tanks Guns Normandy France
Little Resistance, Peleliu, LVT(A)-4

Visited 1,802 times (15 last week)
Little Resistance, Peleliu, LVT(A)-4
fixed up the AmTrack for gloriousTom9191, now it works (yay!), and I also made it look a bit better, fixed the terrain a bit to work better with the AmTrack, but it still has no guns. I'm going to end up scripting my own M1 Garand, Ariska, M1907 Springfield, Type 100, grenades, BAR, Type 99, etc.
Best Normandy Tanks City Map

Visited 661 times (5 last week)
Best Normandy Tanks City Map
Map made by lordwe! Check him out at Leave your opinions of this map in the comments!


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