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❤ Im weird. Deal with it. ❤

BCS Rings : 3

Former #1 Girl Fball player. ( Havn't been judging it at all Ive been inactive)

Best friends mostly ;
Brickeh !
Clint! c:
Blazing!! :D
Shennie cx
Builder :3
S01 (:
Lexy!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Cammie! c:
Typie! c:
Devo c:
Sports xP
Shaunn [[ Birddieee c; ]]
B3!! x3
U2 [[Panda c:]]
Vikes !
Coreeeyyyyy !
Iwill ! [[Turtle Buddi! cx]]
Com! [[Chexican Buddi! c:]]
Ank!!!! :D
Imc! :D [[Mb imc! Rofl]]

Best friend I really could have : Clint ! Been there for me a long time, and been my friend through ALOT. So ty buddy <3
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Omaha Nighthawks Football
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Jazzy's Pickupz.

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Jazzy&#39;s Pickupz.
Rules : Catch must be caught by dive/jump. If you just stand there and catch=inc/ Unless its a screen Go in our locker room =kick Games to 70,77,or 84 4v4-5v5 only No quick hikes 2 HOs per drive TT=Down Kick from 50 No sneaks No Oobs Must have two rushers to sneak


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the one
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true God,
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Christ the
Creator: Quenty
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