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I am the inventor
A bold experimentor
Join as my acolyte and i will be your mentor
Science will destroy you it will build you anew
The gifts I offer now eternal power a new point of view
Steel will fix all your flaws
You will rise above human laws
You will mock them made of meat
They'll drop to worship at your feet
Forget now the shame of defeat
Our victory shall be so sweet
Replace all your petty emotions
Or keep your blood you'll bleed oceans
All you little fleshbags
Stuck with your old hags
Watch as their skin sags
They're fodder for my labs
Your bodies are so frail
We will be your final nail
This is the REVOLUTION
The glorious

c: nice way of starting the day aint it? :D
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Take a Pooooooooooooooooooooooooop :D
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