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Hyuda Clan
Hyuda Clan
Reality and mainstream Roblox:
Name: Celt62
Age: 15
Birthplace: Cornwall, England
Gender Identity: Male
Group History:
FEAR (Retired), The Sith Brotherhood (Shadow Lord) [DEAD], Alero (Overseer)[SHUTDOWN], Vortex Security (Retired), Starlite Corporation (Pre-Shutdown, Captain|Post Revival, PFC|Post Merging, Captain), The Halcyon Imperium (Emperor), Hyuda Clan (Daimyo)
[-Roblox Japan-]
Name: Takeshi Hyuda
Birthplace: Tsuyoi
Age: Unknown
Allegiance: Hyuda Clan
Current Place of Residence: Kawaguchi no Toshi
Family: Hyuda, Second Son of Hokage Sozokujinn Hyuda
[-Star Wars Roblox-]
Name: Osiris Notura
Race: Alternia-Born
Blood: Violet
Languages: Troll, Basic
Age: Unknown
Lightsaber(s): Twin Sabers, red and violet, hook to form a staff.
Allegiance: Dark Side, Sith Brotherhood
Title: Darth Scindus
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Hyuda Clan
Starlite Corporation
The Halcyon Imperium
The Unmei Union


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Active Places

Fort for sale

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Fort for sale
THI Training Centre

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THI Training Centre
Built upon the frozen surface of the planet Zahhak, this training centre is designed to accomodate all of the Halcyon Imperium's needs for training
High End Holo

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High End Holo
To TheNetwork, your trial period has finished. You do not receive this place until such a time when our contract is complete.
Conventional Training Place

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Conventional Training Place
Celt's Creations

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Celt's Creations
Just a place for me to display my creations for prospective buyers.
THI Capital (WIP)

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THI Capital (WIP)
Celt62's Place Number: 12

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Celt62's Place Number: 12
Kigen Minato, the Concealed Haven (紀元港 隠れた避難所)

Visited 78 times (4 last week)
Kigen Minato, the Concealed Haven (紀元港 隠れた避難所)
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