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General Castle, ranked as Lieutenant General for the U.S. Army and tasked for leading a Corp, specifically the Third Corp, or the III Corp nicknamed "The Hammer Corp", in which has a main Training Base in WIP called Fort Hood. The temporary base for until Fort Hood is complete is called Fort Irwin, owned by Command Sergeant Lowery.

1st AirCAV is looking for a Officer who can pilot a Rotary Vehicle, PM me for more details.

[8:07:35 PM] Tweaker1234: "Im in the toilet .-."
[8:07:54 PM] MacMusick: "even better"
[8:07:56 PM] MacMusick: "answer"

III Corp CO as of - 3/18/14 21:47
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X9- My Profile -NER

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X9- My Profile -NER
Current Position: III Corp Commanding Officer [O9] Previous Positions: III Corp XO(CXO), 1st INF CO(DXO), 28th INF BCO, CNET(VCNET, OCS CO, RTC CO), SWCC CO(XO, SBT CO), USNMP XO, USNMA MA CO 2x(XO 3x), 101st AB Acting DXO(BCO, CSM), TRADOC CSM, ISAF REGCOM.
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TDAF Training

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TDAF Training
Beret Colour Coding: RHR: Orange Beret HR: Blue Beret SO: Black Beret MR: Green Beret LR: Red Beret Place Commands: ("Open"/"Close")"/"("GF"/"SF"/"Obby1"/"Obby2"/"Obby3"/"Obby4")
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