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The Robloxian Army  TRA
The Robloxian Army TRA
I would just like to state this message to those who think they are superior than others.
Think I’m dumb? You’re not smart.
Think I’m Poor? You’re not rich.
Think I’m not cool? Neither are you.
Think I should follow you and go by what you do? When Pigs Fly.
Think I can’t stand up for myself? Grow a spine.
Should I listen to you? Not a chance.
Think I’m not good enough? You’re not cool.
I wrote this message so that I can just give a little detail of how bullying isn’t good. Quit it whoever is doing it. It won’t do you any good here. Copy and Paste this if you agree with me.

If you are on God's side, post this on your blurb. If you're on the devil's side, ignore it
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