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Founder and previous owner of JetÉire.

I suggest you guys stay away from "Air Álainn" owned by bobert545. It's claiming to be a break-away airline from Aer Lingus, even though I made it clear that JetÉire was its successor (now owned by mrsmith23). To further demonstrate my point, Álainn is irish for "lovely". Le sigh.

Have a nice summer!
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JetEire: Dublin Airport

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JetEire: Dublin Airport
(The original, hacked by DrShrink and put on free models.) Welcome to Dublin Airport, home for JetÉire and operating base for Qantas and RoAir. The current airport terminal was opened on March 17th. JetÉire is the main operator at the airport, providing the citizens of the island of Éire connections with the rest of ROBLOXia. Qantas links passengers with destinations in Australia while low cost airline RoAir connects the airport to Manchester.
JetEire: Headquarters

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JetEire: Headquarters
(The original, hacked by DrShrink and put on free models.) Welcome to the JetÉire Headquarters. The facility is located in the suburbs of southern Dublin City, and is used to train our pilots and hold meetings. The HQ includes a press centre, sky cafe, board room, training facility and offices. Trainee pilots use the A320 to fly around the city and be examined by instructors.
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