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hey its me guthixo wassap my friends are the only people aloud in my place so dont bother sending me friend request!darkness383 copyied my admin room so he can get all the credit dont listen to him ty
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Areana Battle Grounds!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Finished :D*

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Areana Battle Grounds!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Finished :D*
Listen up added new weps, added admin room,plz dont ask to be admin i cant stress it out. 1 RULE NO TKING DO IT AND YOUR BANNED FROM MY PLACE! 2 RULE NO SPAWN KILLING OR YOUR BANNED! 3 RULE DO NOT SHOOT AT THE ADMIN ROOM ONCE AGAIN YOULL GET BANNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
needs work

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needs work
Guthixo Labs

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Guthixo Labs
Destroy the Doom Spires

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Destroy the Doom Spires


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