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Glee Club!
Glee Club!
Joined March 31st, 2010
Quit January 25th, 2012

Read this:

My best friend is Alanna1232 and my real sister is DontStopBelievin17.
My best friends on here are CherrySoda1, UnshapedCube12, Lando64000, Bonk6, and Shakeitup848. (Order of how I met them.)

Summer is the best time of the year.
June 28th, 2012.
I have already quit.
But today is my last day on ROBLOX forever.
Bye :)

Never forget anything.
Have no regrets.
And lastly remember,
"Love Never Dies"
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Glee Club!
Hide and Seek Lovers
Once Upon A Time
The Office Fan Club
the sims 2 lovers


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Active Places

★PET WORLD!★ (Pet Role-Play)

Visited 5,187 times (29 last week)
★PET WORLD!★ (Pet Role-Play)
INTRO: Welcome to Pet World! Please wait at the "Undecided" rank until your full character loads. Here you can be a pet, owner/farmer, farm animal, seal, or wild animal. Take your pet to contests, get toys, or go on vacation! Please message me for ideas on the Seals or other ideas. COMING SOON: ~Beach ~VIP ~School ~Foliage ~Updated Aquarium CREDIT TO: ~Doomcrow: Morphs ~Crazywaffleman1: Gui ~Other: Jeeps
Raise a Puppy Obby! *New Version Coming Soon!*

Visited 2,241 times (4 last week)
Raise a Puppy Obby! *New Version Coming Soon!*
Yes, a new obby is coming soon! It will be a little more difficult, making it easy-intermediate instead of easy. There will be 12 spawns; 11 levels and 1 for winners. It will be completely newly made but some ideas will be reused. New Version should be out by Decemeber 10th.
Glee Club HQ

Visited 1,221 times (5 last week)
Glee Club HQ
Check out our Group Place! And join if you'd like to :) "Glee Club We Trust, We Are Gleeks. We Watch Glee Any Time We Can. We Give Opinions About The Cast, If Quinn And Finn Should Be Together Or Rachel And Finn And So On." Thats our pledge by Co-Director, Piglett.
Becky's Mansion

Visited 182 times (0 last week)
Becky's Mansion
Mah Mansion >:3 My BFFs get rooms. (Alanna1232, Shakeitup848, Bonk6, CherrySoda1, and UnshapedCube12) :)
The Beach Mystery (Under Construction)

Visited 65 times (0 last week)
The Beach Mystery (Under Construction)
Currently closed for construction. Open to friends.
Building Place :3

Visited 169 times (0 last week)
Building Place :3
PLEASE: Stop messaging asking if you can join. This is a project Shakeitup848 and me are working on. Once we are done, it will be open to the public.
Raise A Puppy Obby V.2 (Almost Done!)

Visited 909 times (4 last week)
Raise A Puppy Obby V.2 (Almost Done!)
Friends can test it out now, pretty soon everyone will be able to play it. If you'd like to play the original version go to my profile, and then to my 2nd place.
Winter Wonderland Obby (15 Levels) (2 Badges)

Visited 532 times (1 last week)
Winter Wonderland Obby (15 Levels) (2 Badges)
IMPORTANT: If you die, it MAY take a while to respawn. But you will respawn in about 20 seconds. Welcome to the Winter Wonderland Obby with 15 levels and 2 badges. Enjoy going through the winter-themed obstical course. Some levels are hard, while others are very easy. Talk to Prancer (the reindeer) for help! :)
The Office : Dunder Mifflin (Role-Play)

Visited 361 times (1 last week)
The Office : Dunder Mifflin (Role-Play)
Dunder Mifflin!!! So far I have the parking lot, lobby, Warehouse, Vance Refidgeration, and Micheal Scott Paper company done. You will NOT be able to enter Vance Refridgeration, cause there's no point. Other places I need: ~Dunder Mifflin ~Schrute Farms ~Condos ~Niagra Falls, chapel, and hotel. ~New York ~Beach (For "Beach Games")
Glee Roleplay

Visited 3,183 times (26 last week)
Glee Roleplay
Some Free Models. But enjoy it! I made this 9/19/2010 so it's pretty old.


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