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Gridlock Enterprises
Hooded Brothers
I Love Animals Group =D
James Bond Fan Group
KNC News Cast
Knights of RedCliff
League of the Scroll
Modern Warfare 3 Fan Club~MW3~
N.U.F.F.Y Studios
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Active Places

Club G

Visited 408 times (0 last week)
Club G
Im going to make one last creation before I go. I will call it Club G. Estimated complete time: 3 Weeks. Estimated overall visits: A Lot.

Visited 182 times (0 last week)
~Made 100% by me~ 2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, 1 Foyer, 2 Living Rooms, 1 Kitchen, 1 Dining Room, 1 Patio, and 1 Bar.
Beach (0%)

Visited 114 times (0 last week)
Beach (0%)
Soon to be GHOST HQ

Visited 102 times (0 last week)
Soon to be GHOST HQ
Once it is finished you will see the purpose.
G Rapping Studios (25%)

Visited 88 times (0 last week)
G Rapping Studios (25%)
~No bad comments please~ This is for me and all my friend rappers/clients.
Ultimate Skate Tycoon

Visited 195 times (0 last week)
Ultimate Skate Tycoon
Assasins Creed

Visited 59 times (1 last week)
Assasins Creed
Your probably wondering why the maxplayers is 30. So you can enjoy owning others more often rather than having to hunt them down. On each Saturday I will make maxplayers 10 for hunting. This game is comeplete with GUI and harder to find people. Very nice for now.
When Tymes Collide

Visited 671 times (0 last week)
When Tymes Collide
Yes, I know that I spelled it tymes but in different times and regions that is how it's properly used. Here you are assigned to a ship from the old age's and must destroy the other ship. The name is When Tymes Collide because in this game you have new guns and weapons, but where your are fighting is very dated back in tyme.
Blox High (BETA)

Visited 279 times (0 last week)
Blox High (BETA)
[Notice] These house will be removed and I am pruchasing a big one. I will then enter ONLY TWO!! To see the house I will purchase and soon the map visit WVfighters profile then click "Play" on his first game.
Play Quidditch

Visited 29 times (0 last week)
Play Quidditch
Still in progress. Teams are 10 -vs- 10.
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