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Bored Much, Keep reading

Your still reading well then. Im just a youtuber,gamer,rowing,guy person
My Channel: (dont ask why, Just Subscribe to me)

▒▓▓█D -Put this on your page if you would jump in front of a bullet to save a loved one. <3
"I'm just that 1 guy in the corner who cares too much about people" Me 05/29/2014
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Nintendo 64 Minigames •97 Minigames• New Minigames

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Nintendo 64 Minigames •97 Minigames• New Minigames
2 New minigames Goomba Survival 2 And Bowsers Couryard
Survive The Disasters [ITS BACK BABY]

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Survive The Disasters [ITS BACK BABY]
(Game Stuff)- There is a counted total Of 106 Disasters Total, And Also 8 Maps Total, The Maps Change Every 300 Seconds. (Important info)-The Game May Not start With a disaster In it but Wait about 30 seconds Before Sending me a PM telling me that it's broken.I will Add More disasters 106 is Not enough I will Be adding more Till i think There Enough. (RULES)-Surviving Each disaster Earns You Points. If you dont Survive A Disaster Then You dont earn any points, If all Fail To survive The disaster Then It will Say Nobody gets any points. Use the points At The Shop. More Shop Items Comnig Soon [Updates] Minor Mechanic Updates
Ultiment Hide And Seek •Test version•

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Ultiment Hide And Seek •Test version•
(Game Stuff)- This Is My First Hide And Seek game! It Works Really Well, Thx MADDOGS1 For His Hide and Seek Kit. Thanks To Other Who Made Maps For Me, There Name Is Next To There Map Name. (Important Info)- This Game Required 2 Or More Players, If There Isnt 2 Or More Players The Game Wont Start. If You Are It Every Tag Is Worth 5 Points Each, And If You Tag Them All You Get Bonus Points, If Your Not It And You Dont Get Tagged You Also Get Bonus Points. (Updates) -> Badges Added -> 5 Maps Added
Super Crazy Fun obby 23 CP's

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Super Crazy Fun obby 23 CP&#39;s
Its Finally Finished With 23 checkpoints Enjoy!
Are You A Wizard? §Obby§

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Are You A Wizard? &#167;Obby&#167;
Play To Find Out If Your A Wizard




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