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Abknight is back Kvreme has her own account now nd if you want the name PM me . LESSSGHETIT!
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[OFL] Old Football League
First-Class Basketball League [ FCBL ]
Football Grounds - The League
Nebraska Nighthawks-@MidNightFB
San Diego Panthers University


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FairBanks Stadium [@Panthers Field]

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FairBanks Stadium [@Panthers Field]
•Golden State Warriors• {[Oracle Stadium]}

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•Golden State Warriors• {[Oracle Stadium]}
~Home to the Golden State Warriors~ Rules: 1]No Sideline Hop Ins. . 2]No trash-talk. 3]No Spamming. 6]Low is not incomplete. 7] Lag is not redo depending on severity. 8]No laterals. 9] double-passes Allowed. (Pitch or Handoff and then thrown to a receiver) 10]All flags will be called. 11]Flame/Namecalling = Kick; 2nd time is a ban. 12]If kicked, it is not an auto win. 13]If the ball is pitched into the endzone it's not a safety. 14]Coming in locker room will be an auto ban/kick, depending on the severity. 15]Hitch/Sideline. Short passes are considered screens. Abide by these rules and you're visit here will be pleasant.
Drift & Race.

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Drift & Race.


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