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Hey guys, Heartgirl9999 here, but you guys can call me Heart or Emily.
Random facts about me:
1. I have no freaking clue what sanity is...
2. I have a VERY short temper, so be wary of that
3. I am addicted to Minecraft, Youtube, and Wattpad
4. I pretty much have two sides of me. One is the hardcore gamer side who likes Minecraft and Pokemon and isn't afraid of a challenge. The other side is the girly side who likes unicorns, rainbows, cats, and fangirls over EVERYTHING.

Favorite game: Minecraft. MINECRAFT IS MAH LIFE. Or Pokemon, Pokemon's pretty cool
Favorite show: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic [Don't judge :/]
Favorite book: Warriors, Hunger Games, and Divergent
Favorite colors: Pink, Purple, and Sky Blue
Favorite Movie: Frozen or Catching Fire

So... yeah, that's really all I have to say.

Um... Bye?
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Rolplay as a cat.

Visited 291 times (3 last week)
Rolplay as a cat.
Just a little Roleplay game I made.Yes, it is free models, but my computer is old and I can't make my own models on it. I am still working on it so...yeah. Also thanks for the 200 visits,never thought I'd make a game with even 100 visits
My getaway Swings

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My getaway Swings
This is where I come when I'm Sad,mad or just need some time alone.and PLEASE dont follow me when im in here.
Warrior cat Roleplay

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Warrior cat Roleplay
Friends only
will work on later.......

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will work on later.......


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