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Send me a message if you want
any of my limiteds just send and we can
work somthing out.

I accept all friend request so just keep on sending.

People who scam me and the only person that ever scammed me


Never ever ask me to donate unless i allow you to ask me ok anything that
relates to donating will not be replied sorry.

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The war of Robloxia: True warrior! Is it you?

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The war of Robloxia: True warrior! Is it you?
The place where only the skilled win. Are you ready? If you are ready you begin on either team with a set of beginner weapons, as the more kills and points you get the more higher skilled weapons and enchantments you'll be able to get.
None so far.

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None so far.
Hoping to be a Call of Duty type thing but with a twist.
Coming soon...

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Coming soon...
My amazing personal server.

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My amazing  personal server.
You jelly dog?

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