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【Siluox】(Changed my name from rolltrist to Siluox.)
Donate: (✘)
Read PMs: (✔)
Reply to PMs: (✔)
Accept friend requests: (✔)
Builds for you: (✔)
Go to your place: (✔)
Okay Scripter: (✔)
ODer: (✘)
Catch Phrase: "You take my money, I take your life."
Dream hats I've wanted, and now have: Shady Business hat, Perfectly Legit Business hat, Classic Roblox Fedora
My dream hats: Sparkle Time Fedora (Any kind), Clock work shades
Ranks is Groups I'm In:
Tiger- Board of Directors
I Don't Donate-Don't Ask- Festive Director
Everything Funny- Fan
[UK] United Kingdom- Citizen
The First Encounter Assault Recon: Corporal【CPL】
Ravangers: Bandit
Apocalypse Rising Community: Bandit
Limited RAP: 17K (Estimate)
If you say I copied your new name. You are just stupid.
I'm just going to go ahead an put this statement out there, If you are one of those idiotic people who make fun of guests you should be ashamed of yourselves. Let guest explore the online gaming community.

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[USA] Metropolitan Police Department
[USA] United States of America
Apocalypse Rising Community
Breast Cancer Awareness
City  of Boston
Dualpoint Interactive
I Don't Donate - Don't Ask
Logic Squad
Magic Builders
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Friends: 895
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Place Visits: 166
Knockouts: 19,028
Highest Ever Voting Accuracy: 50%

Active Places

Meeting Place

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Meeting Place
Come here to talk to me about business or if there's something you need.
Fort for sale!

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Fort for sale!
Gear Testing/Wars

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Gear Testing/Wars
Come here to fight or test new gear that you bought. :D
Rolltrist's Motel [WIP]

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Rolltrist's Motel [WIP]
This motel is [WIP] Jobs: Security Front desk (2 people) Head or Security Waiter/Waitress

Visited 47 times (0 last week)


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Silver Snake Fedora
#520 / 1100
Creator: ROBLOX
Was R$: 350
Virtual BLOXcon Top Hat
#550 / 1000
Creator: ROBLOX
Was R$: 500
Creator: ROBLOX
R$: 31
Snow Leopard Fedora
Creator: ROBLOX
R$: 150
Gloomy Bear
Creator: ROBLOX
R$: 75
Midnight Shades
Creator: ROBLOX
R$: 250
Green Banded Top Hat
Creator: ROBLOX
R$: 3,000
Shoulder Crow
Creator: ROBLOX
R$: 75
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