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Doesnt accept random FR(freinds request).Codenamed Crazy.Doesnt like FEAR or SONICTHEHEDGHOD!Is a UPWER PWNER/Ace.Loves to eat FOOD!
______________________________________________________________11-635-176-8 Use this link when purchasing bc :D and have a nice day
______________________________________________________________ Join TRP or TRP-Tech!My Best Freind For Life(As If A Brother) is iameman99(codenamed killer) OWN EM GIE(O M G)
Does alot of Roblox Studio Model Making PM me if you have an idea or want me to build something!If i am online and dont replie or dont do anything it means i'm in Roblox Studios!
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random fann
Roblox's Pro Snipers
T.R.P.        The Roblox Pwners
T.R.P.  Tech


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☆TRP's Castle☆
TRP's Castle!!These castles can be used for RPG,meetings,just hangout,and for promoting people if you want!!Enjoy TRP!!!!


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