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Ной Александров, at your service.
=!=!=!=Contact Info=!=!=!=
Skype: Noah Parker (Username cama.hertose)
Vimeo: BrutalFatality
xf: camahertose1
Steam: GP5Gasser
le bote: Sentinel 4
Call of Robloxia 5: Gunnery SGT II
Guest Defense: Level 17
Real Life: Level 81 Wizard
I'm on an XP from 2005. Saying you're better than me, at stuff on the computer, is like telling an old man that you can run faster than he can.
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Alexandrov Family
Coalition Space Command
The Mobile Bloxxers
The Mobile Bloxxers Department of Tech & Doctrine


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Welcome to my profile!

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Welcome to my profile!
POLAND SHALL NOT, WILL NOT, AND CANNOT INTO SPACE!! ==Actual Join Date (On first account): 10/11/2009==
Price: 25
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[CSC] Outpost Alexandrov

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[CSC] Outpost Alexandrov
This fairly new base is mainly for expedition and resupplying ships heading back and forth between the Command Station and Frostbite. This establishment is located 278 knotical miles south of the equator of Gytha. Although scans show a very low amount of wildlife, this planet is flourishing with plants and microorganisms (including highly lethal diseases). Shipwrecks also freckle the planet's surface, however it's highly doubted anybody has survived any of the crashes. [/!/ WIP : CANNOT RAID /!/]
Alexandrov Family Bunker

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Alexandrov Family Bunker
For when the deepest, darkest, most furious of grim disasters happen, you will find the Alexandrov Family, here. Everyone has their own private room, located in the hallway that leads to the Armory. "I, Noah Alexandrov, hereby revoke all demeaning phrases I have uttered against Dimitri Alexandrov. I am not being pressured, by lethal force, nor am I being blackmailed."
RSSR // Siberia Forest

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RSSR // Siberia Forest
(WIP) [UNOFFICIAL] Located deep within the heart of Mother Russia lies the unforgiving frozen forest of Siberia. Make sure you bring a warm hat, or you'll suffer the same fate as many other enemies of the Motherland! No, this has nothing to do with the place of punishment used by the UWF.
Don't attack RSSR in the winter.

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Don't attack RSSR in the winter.
We're looking at your, NHRI.


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