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ROBLOX Developer and Artist.

I use many different softwares to learn certain aspects of coding;
Functions/Windows/.exes/ - SmallBasic/Visual Studio
Functions/Scripts/Locals - ROBLOX
Functions/C++/Locals/Others - C++ Notepad

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Musical Dots [V.2]

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Musical Dots [V.2]
This game was inspired by Brandonhare, I loved his game, so I attempted to make my own! Musical Dot's brings you into a lovely GUI where you create or delete dots and make a peaceful or chaotic tune. [Click MENU, and pick someone in the server to see their tune.] I am COMPLETELY changing the design of this game somewhere along the line. Thanks for playing! /*UPDATE LOG*\ • Releasing future updates. • Game fully functional, about 47%. • Game passes becoming available.


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