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Developing Doragon's Garden
PokeMon Evolutions


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I've given up on this game. New game I'm working on:
Pokemon Forbidden Secrets [Ver 0.3.2]

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Pokemon Forbidden Secrets [Ver 0.3.2]
[Favorite Please] [Tempory- Pvp mode on] Scorupi + Drapion + Shieldon + Bastiodon added by Dragoniron121 Sewaddle fam by DROCTOGONAPUSBWAAAA+Arron Ver[0.3.1] -Added Sewaddle + Swadloon Ver[0.3.0] -Added Scrafty and some moves. -Medics act as checkpoints for spawn now. ______________________________________ ~Fourms Updates Log: Ideas/Suggestions: Comments:
Doragon's Garden [Beta]

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Doragon's Garden [Beta]
NewestServer: Ver[3.7.0] [3.7.0]- These servers only apply to Easter Island. All other islands have yet to be updated to this current version. [Easter Island is here! The event starts 4/18/12 and will be ending sometime around the end of 4/26/12] o Golden Monsters will be released to the island in a later update. [MaxLevel is 30]- Anyone above this level please report to me, or hit the report abuse button. Thank you. Hacking isn't tolerated. This game is one big project! It's a World created and made up of many Islands w/ Roblox's Universes. Each islands contain different creatures you can earn. The creatures/monsters are made by either me, or donated by my many Model Makers! Some Islands are donated as well. This game also includes a Trading, and a Minigame "Creature Mystery". I plan on adding many more mini-games as a side project. The games in Beta only because I haven't even finished the main points of the game. There won't be a Data wipe don't worry. [Instructions
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dragon115454's Place Number: 20
Testing 1,2,3

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Testing 1,2,3


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