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My long life goal on Roblox is to ---Make a famous place or get my clothes famous.My favorite color is Blue,Black and Pink.Do not bother me if I dont know you.
Do I donate? Sometimes
Do I make custom Clothes? Yes but you need to pay
Can I scipt? YAA!
Will I join your group? Idk depends on my mood.
Am I an ad maker? Yep
Things you should know:Luke(FIGURE IT OUT), I love smoothies, my dog is a schweenie, I am on Fb, and my bro is abogar8.

Hate list: Little1204 -,-
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*$Epic Build With Friends!$**Updated with gifts*
I LOVE penguins VIP link: For those who don't know who Vhetration is, he is an epic guy who make the most popular places. His places are my favorite in robloxia. Go to them.


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