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I am FRENCH any problem with that ?

I do folow Terms and Conditions of ROBLOX. If you do anything against ROBLOX i may report you.

All sales of products and services are final, including T-Shirt, Gear, Model and items. No refunds will be given, except in my sole and absolute discretion. Price of any item isnt Fix, I reserve the right to cancel, rise, deleter and lower any of my Vip and other items.

I stoped play roblox.
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Gasoline Simulator

Visited 929,054 times (1,309 last week)
Gasoline Simulator
Gasoline Simulator Owner: palle1 Scripter: cntkillme,palle1 Gasoline Simulator is a town game where the goal is to play around with others. There roleplay jobs and car. Some job like Mining, Axeman, Factory Worker(Disabled) and Tow Truck Driver will give Server Economie like to build house and to get Cash when you drive. Others Team are Roleplay like, Robber and Police, Ambulance Driver and Army. Each Team have it own Car and you can own up to 2 car exept the tow truck driver.
Ocean Rescue

Visited 3,588 times (4 last week)
Ocean Rescue
Funny game with friend, start to be fun when there is 5 players or more =]
World of Warship

Visited 2,115 times (25 last week)
World of Warship
Testing only the game isnt ready. Fix:Cannon are working, dmg etc all work. New boat as been added. All boat in this game are made and scripted by me.
Gasoline Station(2010)

Visited 253 times (11 last week)
Gasoline Station(2010)
Old Gasoline game made in 2010-2011 The tug truck may not work since the Gasoline Station File made in 2012 is on my next computer so it will be apply soon :)
Pokemon Adventure(16% Done/Pokeball)

Visited 389,307 times (330 last week)
Pokemon Adventure(16% Done/Pokeball)
Lastest update: Pokeball real catch rate added, it will be fix to 255 until i add more content. Grass updated to fix a duplicate bug Task coming soon in order: Higer % = Difficult or big content 1- Pokeball Done ! 2-Better Grass system(Will be mofificated many time) 15% 3-Items Done 4-Add More pokemon 10% 5-Make map or do pokemon abbility 50% 6-Make pokemon able to lvl up and make a evolve system 12% Game % Done: 8% Around or less


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Lua Cap
Creator: ROBLOX
Tx: 750
Canada Styles
Creator: ROBLOX
R$: 15
Ice Coldphones
Creator: ROBLOX
Was R$: 250
Creator: ROBLOX
R$: 80
Deluxe Game Headset
Creator: ROBLOX
R$: 500
Zipper Cap
Creator: ROBLOX
Tx: 10
Chestnut Bun
Creator: ROBLOX
Brown Hair
Creator: ROBLOX
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