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Greetings world. As you all may know i basically left roblox quite awhile ago. Why did I do that you ask? Well Il tell you. In the few months or so before I left roblox I joined the roleplaying community on here. Now I wasn't the best roleplayer, definitely not. I could never match the posts of others on here. However, I enjoyed roleplaying so much, and in my drive to become like my idols, I left. I left roblox and joined a roleplaying site. On this site most posts required several paragraphs with detail. As such, my roleplaying skills improved drastically. There were no rules for the most part, except for adult content, so I was able to write without limitations. For evidence of this improvment, i tried joining an rp called Mercenarys. Look at my character profile in that and compare it to previous ones, and i think youl notice the difference. At any rate ive returned, somewhat. Im not really going to be an active member, but il pop on once in awhile.
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For you would be flamers: I am well aware of the number of free models in this game. I take no claim that any of the models in this game are my own. I merely brought the free models together into a cool place that people can appreciate.
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