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A winner of BLOXcon London Hackathon.
My name is Zakary Wilson.
I am the CEO of DiamondAir, don't mistake us for 'Diamond Air', there is no space with us.

Check out my current project - Mafia, being made with YellowTide.

I'm the community manager of ROBLOX News, run by Arbirator. I sometimes help people with code however the question has to reasonable, if the question is ridiculous like "Why doesn't this work" then I won't help you.

Skype: hetrozakary
Twitter: @RBX_Zakkeh

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Forgotten Fate Alpha

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Forgotten Fate Alpha
Tell us what you think: PM ME Forgotten Fate is currently in Alpha, I've just re-created the crop and harvest tool. Reason-being because the old tool was messy code, and I was fed-up of errors, so I recreated it.. Alpha-Beta is the Alpha of Beta, pretty much a mixture. Currently awaiting rest of building..
4 Castles BrickBattle

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4 Castles BrickBattle

Visited 20 times (1 last week)
[BC] Classic Sword Fighting - READ DESCRIPTION-

Visited 1,276 times (0 last week)
[BC] Classic Sword Fighting - READ DESCRIPTION-
Updates: Your KOs now save, however, it's only fair I save your wos. Looking for map designers, PM me if interested. This game is going to head somewhere good soon. I'm going to start updating it regularly, personal message me with suggestions. A simple game, nothing special anyway. You could probably have lots of fun if you enjoy pwning people, it's up to you to join, I'm not going to force you, or am I?
Stories Retold

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Stories Retold
Experience somebodies past, black & white.
The Apocalypse Simulator

Visited 59 times (3 last week)
The Apocalypse Simulator
Workbench Tycoon

Visited 29 times (1 last week)
Workbench Tycoon
Gatwick Airport

Visited 416 times (2 last week)
Gatwick Airport
Nightlife World®

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Nightlife World®
Price: 35
Buy Access Buy Access
Beach Hangout

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Beach Hangout
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