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woody: ok oh yeah one a minor note here. mario's birthday has move here due today. next we have
pinkie pie (equestria girls) and rex: what??
rex: what do mean the party's today his birthday not until next week
sweetie belle (equestria girls): oh come on
hamm: what's going on down there his aunt loses her marbles
woody: well obviously she wanna to have the birthday before the move i'm not worried you should've been worried
mr. potato head: (pushes rarity and lyra outta the way) of course woody ain't worried he's been mario's favorite since 5 years ago
slinky dog: hey hey come on potato head if woody said's it but darn it that's good enough for me
mr potato head: (pull his mouth down and saying slinkey could kiss butts)
rarity (equestria girls) and mr. spell: ha ha ha ha
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