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Please check out my shirts :)
Hi, I'm daisyhugger.
I love ROBLOX and Violin.

I dunno what to put here.
Anywaaay... I like collecting faces! All my faces added up must give me at least 15k.
I'm a LimitedU collecter (obviously) and much better, I love profit.
YES I do trollquit, but if you don't like that, your a waffle manatee.
I'm pretty good on violin :U if I do say so myself.
A kazoo is an intrument? Oh no what happened to the world -facepalm-

Best pals :3:
Jamesbond0099, yofrank, Lilyflower12354,
<3 Daisy
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Warrior Cat "Pick-A-Path!" BADGE ADDED!

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Warrior Cat &quot;Pick-A-Path!&quot;  BADGE ADDED!
The first ever "Warrior-Cat-Pick-A-Path!" How cool would it be if your choice changes the whole story around? Well, introducing... The PICK-A-PATH!(Warrior Cat Version) Now it CAN change by your actions!!! Play the game, and see what happens in the end. (VIP IS HERE!!!) Vip Special: Including a whole new storyline, morphs, and tools. =.= Right now I am working on the new NON-INFECTED VIP door. It got infected :/
daisyhugger's sk8 park ( might update )

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daisyhugger&#39;s sk8 park ( might update )
A cool hangout/sk8 park, in which the cool people come to :D. If you wanna be epic, COME! XD
Epic Mickey: The Blot has returned.(UPDATES SOON!)

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Epic Mickey: The Blot has returned.(UPDATES SOON!)
((Hey! I'm back and will be improving and updating this soon! Remember to favorite if you liked the game!)) Mickey Mouse saved WasteLand once... But now its YOUR turn! The Blot has returned.... Can you save WasteLand?(Updating game) Sorry if it's not the same the thing. I was gonna put something in my game to see how it looked and all of a sudden it had major lag. So it did something to the game I had to reset it. I'll try to make it the way it was, thanks for playing, and keep watching for updates!!!
*The Daisy Cafe* (BC Version Soon) Admin Added

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*The Daisy Cafe* (BC Version Soon) Admin Added
Find The Pocket Frogs™ (THREE FROGS!) 200+

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Find The Pocket Frogs™ (THREE FROGS!) 200+
Search for the beloved Pocket Frogs!


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