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I make games.
I reply to few PM's as long as you don't beg for anything.
Follow me on Twitter for all the latest gem/item codes on TP2 and TT:
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Traitor Trouble


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Twisted Plastic 2

Visited 1,163,005 times (3,841 last week)
Twisted Plastic 2
IMPORTANT: CHANGING YOUR USERNAME WILL CREATE A NEW CAR. YOU'LL HAVE TO CHANGE IT BACK TO GET YOUR OLD CAR. HOW TO PLAY: Use MOUSE and hold to fire primary weapon Press F to use secondary weapon Press L to flip over your vehicle Updates: New map: ROMA JOIN TP2 FANCLUB AND SUBMIT ITEM IDEAS: Trailer made by Bobbysayhi If you are new I suggest teaming up with someone to kill higher levelled players and get the front spike first to get easier kills. Advanced vehicle combat. Customize your own car with endless combinations of weapons, upgrades, effects, armor, paint, and cosmetics to take on the world in an advanced arena battle. FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER FOR GEM AND ITEM CODES: LISTEN TO MUSIC WHILE PLAYING: HELP:
Traitor Trouble

Visited 665,870 times (25,001 last week)
Traitor Trouble
Innocents among Traitors. Trust no one. Updates: - 10 new items - New map called Traitor Town - Nerfed C4 - New gem code - 10 second preparation period - Player points! FIND A NEW SERVER! Join the TT group:
Twisted Racing (pre-beta)

Visited 2,337 times (226 last week)
Twisted Racing (pre-beta)


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