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Joined: January 9th 2010

Hi I am redsky174 and I am the leader of R.B.A. My alternate account is redsky1. I do not accept random friend requests. I am level 60.

My ratings-
Building- ★★★★☆
Sword fighting- ★★★★★
Gun fighting-★★★★☆
Jets- ★★★★★
Leadership :★★★★☆
Focus :★★★★★
Discipline :★★★★★
Grammar : ★★★★☆

PSN: hockeyfan174
Steam: redsky174
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Limited Item Investors
R.B.A Academy
R.B.A Air-Force
R.B.A Council
Roblox National Hockey Leauge (RNHL)
The Conquerers Fan Group
U.C.A Special Ops
United Clan of Assasins (U.C.A)


Friends: 243
Forum Posts: 68
Place Visits: 3,472
Knockouts: 11,554
Highest Ever Voting Accuracy: 50%

Active Places

R.B.A HQ (95% complete)

Visited 1,319 times (0 last week)
R.B.A HQ (95% complete)
This base is now raid-able. But I don't recommend it. I did not add the vehicles so raids will take hours. Construction time: 2 years Things left to do: -Add vehicles Reasons for making new H.Q: -Last base was free modeled -Last base was lagging -Last base was poorly built -Want to test out my building skills
R.B.A Fort [Best Place To Raid]

Visited 434 times (1 last week)
R.B.A Fort [Best Place To Raid]
To win the raid you must capture and hold the flag inside the base for 20 minuets. R.B.A wins if we take the raider flag and hold it for 5 seconds. You get only 30 minuets to raid. If you fail R.B.A wins. There must be at least 5 R.B.A members there and one has to be a Major+. Rules: -No auto-wins -No flaming -No glitching -No hacking -No raiders can use R.B.A's vehicles or auto-win These rules are based on most bases. They use unfair advantages that the raiders have to try to beat but it is almost impossible. This base is almost impossible to win. We have the planes, helis, and superior weapons. Like most groups. Now if you want to have a fair fight then schedule a battle with R.B.A at the R.B.A Warzone. If you go there you will see everything there is even. Fair battles are the only way to show true skill.
R.B.A Meeting Center

Visited 223 times (0 last week)
R.B.A Meeting Center
R.B.A goes here to have meetings.

Visited 876 times (0 last week)
PRESS F ON M4A1 FOR GRANDE LAUNCHER! The grande launcher can destroy the tanks. TO CHANGE TEAMS: To join R.B.A say "join reds" (WITH THE S) To join the enemy team say "join blues" Ways To Win: Capture all of the 5 flags or get 100 KOs. Rules for Battles: 1.No Team Killing 2.No Afterlife Killing 3.No Visits While Battle Is Going On Glitches: -Pistol doesn't give you KO's
R.B.A Training

Visited 620 times (0 last week)
R.B.A Training


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