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Ahoy! I'm a rather old ROBLOX player. Im not that active anymore so it's rare to see me around.

Just enjoying an old game, that's it.
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[TORM] 227th Reconnaissance Corps
Outbreak Survival Fan Group
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Active Places

ROBLOX Adventures: Jungle Jumble WIP

Visited 2,285 times (1 last week)
ROBLOX Adventures: Jungle Jumble WIP
[#136:#188(Gulag?):#579(SkatePark):#594(JungleMap):#297(Gulag):#482(KoC Fort Canyon):#542(Ice Gorge):#568(Wastelander):#575(Slendy/Kart):#620(JungleAdventure)]
TRON: Cataclysm (W.I.P)

Visited 1,755 times (6 last week)
TRON: Cataclysm (W.I.P)
|343:387:398:393:407:425:488:546:566:851(Ratto Family):678(Lost Republic Outpost):720(Unfinished AVP)| Changing:738(Carz):741(SW game):852(PirateShipz):846(SciFiForest):915(SciFiAdventure):917(RomanJungle):953(SciFiVersion2):948(FrostAreaAdventure):958(FrostUnfinsihed):961(PirateShipzZombz):963(Frosty2Unfinished)
Blox vs. Bots (Unfinished)

Visited 113,510 times (0 last week)
Blox vs. Bots (Unfinished)
Lil game thats based off Mann vs Machine. Tis not done :P Game Versions:3983(Old Adventure Game):3951(The Triden Tribe):3427(AvatarMovieGame):4020(4thOfJulyMinigames):4180(JungleAdventureOld):4215(Old Training):4335(HELMET Showcase):4306(Survive The Cereal):4466(GAOR Training):4502(Scuba Stuff):4510(New Training):4527(Random):4578(Casino):4643(GearFortress):4677(HALO Flood):4683(MapCastles):4697(L4DCityFarm):4896(Pillage&PlunderNoGUIS):4919(PillagePlunderTest):4954(BotsTraining):5017(BloxVsBots)
Slender: The Camp V7.86 (NEW PROXY & SLENDERMAN)

Visited 10,991 times (53 last week)
Slender: The Camp V7.86 (NEW PROXY & SLENDERMAN)
_________________________________ Credits: rockjumper111 for the decals, joshuagibson2 for the original Slenderman model, The original creators of the camp fires, cabins and docks... _________________________________ Description: Welcome to Slender:The Camp... This game is better than one of those "Zombie" Slendermen yet not as great as the Realistic Slender games... The goal is to find all 8 pages while being stalked by a being known as Slenderman... _________________________________ Updates: New Slenderman Model & Gameplay, New Proxy and Added Global Lighting... _________________________________ [Place Update Codes] #124:#188:#209:#266:#274:#280:#302:#317:#387(Naruto Test):#407(Boot Camp Course):#645(Unfinished Hunger Games):#569(UNSC Base Thing):#741(Slender The Camp):#698(MedievalThing):#747(Adventure Island)
Mhm Test

Visited 28 times (0 last week)
Mhm Test


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