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"Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will"
"Good skill comes from EXPERIENCE and most of that comes from bad skill."
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Start a new world!

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Start a new world!
Your voyages take you over the seas to a strange new land. You harness the power to build and create things. What can you build???
Colorful Obby *IN PROGRESS*

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Colorful Obby *IN PROGRESS*

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Almost Done!: Sword fight In Lost Caverns

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Almost Done!: Sword fight In Lost Caverns
Truly Epic.. i wont release to the pblic untill it is 100% done. Progress: 80%
Halloween Roller Coaster!!!!!!!!

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Halloween Roller Coaster!!!!!!!!
You can't win... Mr. Darkseed makes sure of that.
Just a House...

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Just a House...
...or is it?
Sword Fight at the Forgotten House *Update*

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Sword Fight at the Forgotten House *Update*
GameHero made the cursed house, you should check out his game, it's much better! Will be adding a few extra secrets along the way, so keep your eyes open :) This is a wonderfully made game and will bring back some memories to you 07ers. Comments disabled due to noobs. Post your thoughts here NEW! VIP has been removed. It wasn't working so I will try and fix my scripts. Sorry, i'll also lower price


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