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[ Online: Studio - Sandbox Detection Challenge ]

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Red Vice
Red Vice
Cool people I have met IRL: astrospacekid
Ok people I have met IRL: Tenal

I won't donate, join your group, etc.

Follow @RobloxNotifier on Twitter to get notified whenever there are new items in the catalog!

I basically never read my messages, so send knowing that your message may not be read. Sorry :(

Got an idea for Catalog Heaven? Post it here:

(By the way, Merely is the only user who can sell VIP for Catalog Heaven. If you see a Catalog Heaven VIP that is not made by him, you should report it because it's a scam.)

im at stickmasterluke's game
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[OFL] Old Football League
Bug Squashers
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People with epic names
Phonix Clan
Red Vice
RedCliff Raiders Football™
ROBLOX Tablet Winners
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ROBLOX Wiki Staff
United Squidcod Alliance
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Friends: 91,977
Forum Posts: 9,991
Place Visits: 26,237,863
Knockouts: 27,765
Highest Ever Voting Accuracy: 90%

Active Places

Classic Catalog Heaven

Visited 66,392 times (3,006 last week)
Classic Catalog Heaven
This is the first version of Catalog Heaven that got to the front page.
Catalog Heaven Billboard Testing

Visited 2,050 times (134 last week)
Catalog Heaven Billboard Testing
Billboard Testing

Visited 2,410 times (28 last week)
Billboard Testing
Press F2 for Dev Console + Command Bar

Visited 3,199 times (237 last week)
Press F2 for Dev Console + Command Bar
Dedicated to: the best XSS finder ever: moded the coolest all-around admin: Squidcod
Sandbox Detection Challenge

Visited 990 times (36 last week)
Sandbox Detection Challenge
The goal of this game is to write some Lua code which will determine if you are inside a sandbox. Your code will be run multiple times, both inside and outside of the sandbox.
Survive the Ghosts

Visited 30,708 times (180 last week)
Survive the Ghosts
Live Update Test Place

Visited 281 times (20 last week)
Live Update Test Place
A test...
Catalog Heaven

Visited 26,131,833 times (117,793 last week)
Catalog Heaven
Try any item in the catalog for free! That means gear, hats, faces, packages, etc. Supreme VIP: Elite VIP: VIP: Thanks to Mazux for making the "You got bloxxed" interface.


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