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R-27 Productions
R-27 Productions
Do I look like a charity to you? No? Good, 'cause I don't donate.

Current Projects:
Taco Hunt
FoodFight! with Click Studio
Sonic with TheJeterMan

[Not trading Azure Pinstripe Fedora]

Hello, my name is Rocky28447 and I LIEK CUPCAIKS!
Please don't fall over laughing, even though that was a joke. Anyway I am Rocky28447, I have been on this game for 4 years now, and I like Mario, Sonic, Starfox, Zelda, and Kirby (Even though Kirby is HAL Labs). I consider myself an intermediate builder, and a novice scripter.

"Don't ask questions you don't want to know the answer to."

"Never gamble with death, you never know where you might end up, and odds are, you're gonna lose" -Me
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Active Places

Taco Hunt! (ORIGINAL) [Beta 1.5.0]

Visited 1,548 times (35 last week)
Taco Hunt! (ORIGINAL) [Beta 1.5.0]
Like this game? Check out another project I'm working on with Click Studio! It's called FoodFight, you can find it on the "ClickStudioGames" profile. Expect a snapshot either this week or next week. What to expect in Snapshot 14w15a: -Shop -Support for leaderboard -Support for ad space when the Map Cycle is added Collect all the tacos you can in this thrilling game! Tacos continuously rain down from the sky, catch as many as you can before they disappear! Future Updates (1.5.0 - 2.0.0): -Global Leaderboard -Map Cycle Version 1.5.0 Update Notes: -GUI Intro/Menu -Taco level system (Higher chances for more than 1 taco per taco) -Added the Great Phenomenon (The best thing in the whole of ROBLOX) -Added framework for shop Version 1.0.3 Update Notes: -Added the Golden Taco -Added some unimportant text -Added the AutoPatcher
Starfox Adventures 1.0.0 "MEGA MAP UPDATE!"

Visited 970 times (4 last week)
Starfox Adventures 1.0.0 "MEGA MAP UPDATE!"
Don't expect another update for awhile, I will be working hard with a friend to redo Thorntail Hollow to satisfy some players, as well as add more areas to the game. SCREENSHOTS MIGHT NOT DEPICT ACTUAL GAME PLAY! Update 1.0.0 "MEGA MAP UPDATE!" -Brand new parts to Thorntail Hollow! -Lightfoot Village has now been added! -Added Krystal's Staff's Boost Pads -Brand new screenshots! -Fixed water Priority Number: 2
Battle Bots BETA 0.7.3

Visited 85 times (0 last week)
Battle Bots BETA 0.7.3
Death column not showing up in the leaderboard? Close the leaderboard then re-open. Successfully moved out of ALPHA and into Beta! _______________________________________ This game has nothing to do with that show "Battle Bots" that I recently found out exsisted when I googled "Battle Bots". _______________________________________ Battle your enemies in this fast pace fight to the death using flying robots as your weapon! Most bot scripting by Rocky28447. Game scripting by Rocky28447. Bots made by Biggranny. Report any bugs/glitches you find to Rocky28447. Enjoy! 0.7.3: More dynamic GUIs.
Price: 50
Buy Access Buy Access
Zulex Family Grand Palace [GRAND OPENING]

Visited 42 times (0 last week)
Zulex Family Grand Palace [GRAND OPENING]
This is The Zulex Family's Grand Palace, where the throne of the Zulex Master is held and where the quarters of the four original Zulex Brother/Sisters. This is also where the Join Ceremonies are held.
Super Mario 64

Visited 173 times (3 last week)
Super Mario 64
An old project that I'll get back to eventually.
Popeyes Chicken and Biscuits [MAIN RESTAURANT]

Visited 15 times (0 last week)
Popeyes Chicken and Biscuits [MAIN RESTAURANT]
Welcome to Popeyes Chicken and Biscuits!
Legends101 BUILDING -Temp closed-

Visited 3 times (0 last week)
Legends101 BUILDING -Temp closed-
Currently working on: Opening GUIs, PlayerHandling (Data saving and loading), areas Testing is currently closed, sorry for the inconvenience. Priority Number: 1
Super Mario Galaxy 2! BETA

Visited 89 times (0 last week)
Super Mario Galaxy 2! BETA

Visited 13 times (0 last week)
Soon to be: The Safe
The Badanov

Visited 132 times (0 last week)
The Badanov
The Badanov, soul protector ship of Vaktovia, wielding an inside with guns, dropships, and soldiers prepped and ready for battle. The Badanov flies fiercly through Vaktovian territories ready for anything. The new Badanov now flys and is equipped with the latest Vaktovian guns and technology. It is also equipped with an SF Arena for soldiers to warm up before landing AND dropships.
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