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I am a Christian. I am 14. I ama big fan of the bands Skillet, Thieves And Liars, and Decyfer Down.


I am level 74. YEAH!!


I am an admin in -[SCA]- clan. I actually founded it but had to create the group on a friend's account because i don't have builders club.
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Madrak's Test Army
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skillet fan club


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Spongebob Invasion -3.0- Into The Fire

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Spongebob Invasion -3.0- Into The Fire
v4 HAS ARRIVED!! NEW LOOK! it is all at night and hasa red tint, there is a mini ice hill on one end of the map with a big ice bubble on top! NEW truss climb area so you can snipe spongebobs!------------ ALL NEW COMBAT STYLE!! IN THE DARK!! awesome weapons!!! ZOMBIES all around! Check out the fire i added in one area! credit to sirben2 for the f 16s. Here is a list of SOME of the beta testers who tested this game when it was V1.0 for me: Dog00, Stickman64, kitty929, robloxman11, bunny2217, halo123, sirben2, fighthathe2, builtsmuilt, oogle184, supermatt789, still5player, amyleefan11, megamantheblaster, dylanthud23, chicka22, elomie, stormper, bigdoedoe, gavinbam, samL9857, khiller64, max5678910, AND MORE!!!!


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