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Soul Eater: The After-years (Complete!)

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Soul Eater: The After-years  (Complete!)
New project im working on that will bring the Soul Eater Rps into the present day. Allowing RP characters that are weapons to change into modern day weapons. (NOTE: if you want actually RP weapons, make them and send them to me so i can put them in with a working weapon GUI) Be warned. I will be trying to check this place everyday once its in working state, so anything not Soul Eater related or allowed here will be the fallowing. (Only Admins will have few exceptions to this for the fact characters may have to bend a few rules. Can and will be changed if becomes a major abuse.) 1st Place Abuse: Kick and warning 2nd Place Abuse: Kick and last warning 3rd Place Abuse: Banned from Server. 4th (or more) Place Abuse: Banned Forever.
Islands of Byōdō: Terrivania {Chaos} (Beta-Test)

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Islands of Byōdō: Terrivania {Chaos} (Beta-Test)
This is a Place that is slowly being built up. HHopefully sometime it will be done. but for now this RP IS useable, but in dire need in being finished, but... welcome to Boyodo.
Castle Amethyst

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Castle Amethyst
Still not done yet. The remodeling of the base free model is redone. Going to make this place a home.
AfterMath: Sapphire Chapters: 4-6 (Full Story) {Pr

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AfterMath: Sapphire Chapters: 4-6 (Full Story) {Pr
SHUTDOWN = UPDATES/UPLOADS!!! when peopela re on i cant get it to upload correctly so wait before u get on again if it shuts down! ***************************************************************************This is a full map modded to fit parts of chapters 4-6. If u want the smaller single chapters i will be puttign those up publicly. Anyways welcom to the Sapphire full edition of AfterMath
Timb's place

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Timb's place
Promised her i'd make a cool place for her. Here it is. Hope its good enough. x-x'


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