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I look in the mirror and see a girl,
Who is staring back at me.
I don't know who she is,
Because she's not the girl I wana be.
She puts a smile on,
While inside she is falling apart.
She says, "I'm okay",
As pain fills her heart.
She pretends not to care,
As everyone slowly walks away.
She hides behind her mask,
And pretends to be okay.
She is scared to open up,
And call someone her best friend.
They all turn out the same,
And never really care in the end.
She is scared to let people close,
It always ends up as heartache.
She feels like a stranger in her own home,
Like she doesn't even belong.
She tries the best she can,
But it always seems to be wrong.
She has ideas for the future,
Hopes and dreams of her own.
But she doesn't hold her breath,
Because disappointment is all she has ever known.
I know who I wanna be,
It's all so much clearer.
But the fact of life is,
I'm only the girl in the mirror.
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