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Hello, my name is as you can see above. I'm not on this site much anymore, essentially the same reason several other people have left… Too many updates. Things changed too much, too quick…

Anyway, one word describes my interests, and an unknown amount can be used to describe me. For now you can just know that I am Otaku. Generally speaking, when I'm face-to-face with someone, I'm not particularly friendly…

I write FanFictions for Anime, Manga and Games because I don't care for much else…

I wrote very little, however I do believe that I'll stop here for now.
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gods and mythology ps cabins and pics r this:zeus eagle hera cow,lion poseidon trident,horse demeter flowers hephaestus quail athena owl aphrodite dove ares boar,spear apollo mouse artemis bear hermes caduceus dionsyus grapes,wine hades is lava no decal.ok here is wat they r god or goddess of zeus:sky hera:motherhood,marriage poseidon:ocean demeter:argicultre hephaestus: blacksmith athena:wisdom aphrodite:love ares:war apollo:music,medicine,poetry,archery,bachelors artemis:maiden girls,hunting hermes:thieves,travelers,merchants,messengers dionysus:wine hades:the underworld (hestia doesnt appear watsoever)
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