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Helpful ROBLOXians
For the moment, at least, I have in a way, left ROBLOX.
I have come to the conclusion that ROBLOX does not support the ability to create the epicness I wish to achieve in my games. I have found much better game editor/engines to work with. Of those include Unity 3d, and Blender (mainly for modeling).
Now, I have NOT completely left, at least not now. I will still check in every other day or so, and play/check up on some of my favorite games.
I did not leave because of the community, BC-only features, or any of that. I left completely on my own. So farewell, but I'm not completely gone. I may even make a ceremonial place just for me, who knows. See ya! :)
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Spleef- a game where you try to break blocks from underneath your opponent(s) to make them fall. Try to avoid getting "spleefed" yourself! | Google "spleef" for more information.


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