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Swamp Quest

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Swamp Quest
Hopefully fixed V.I.P This game is basically treasure quest part 2. If there are any problem please PM me and tell me what they are so i can fix them. NOTE: Being hard is NOT a problem, its an obby, its supposed to be hard. Hidden in a deep mysterious swamp is a treasure that has thought to have been lost over thousands of years ago. A group of adventures have discovered the location of it and are willing to do anything to get there hands on the treasure. Unknowing to them is that this swamp is intent of defending its treasure, and will us any means necessary to keep it safe.

Visited 7,192 times (283 last week)
Fight one team VS another on a moving train.
Treasure Quest

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Treasure Quest
Super VIP Normal VIP Legend tells of a mystic Temple that has been lost over the years....It also tell of Treasures beyond your wildest Dreams are hidden in it. But the Curse tells that if you try to steal the Treasure, you will be surly doomed to death int to Temple forever!


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