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Recon assault squad
my dream is 100,000 visits tell your friends about Lost Soul RPG to help make it come true
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Go Solo, Team up with friends, conquer the world and get to the Final Battle. Be sure to hit save before you leave. ADDING MORE VIP SOON: POOR VIP AVAILABLE BUY IT AND REDEEM AS SOON AS YOU GET IN GAME! Poor VIP: VIP: Mega VIP: Super VIP: GAME HELP: the bottom bar is an EXP bar there is a team gui to the right press invite then type someones name to invite them! To start your adventure walk into a teleporter you have to correct stats for! To fight approach a monster with your weapon equipped and out and click rapidly! HOW TO CRAFT: Go to the room to the right of the first lobby then simply walk to the furnace Click the item you wish to craft, you will need certain materials. You can find these materials ALL over the game and in almost every map.After you have gathered the m
Tales Of Darkness™ (RPG) Original

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Tales Of Darkness™  (RPG) Original
Yes i gave Shadowdakiller tales of darkness.Tales of Darkness takes place in medieval times.start your journey to seek out the ultimate and defeat.After defeating the final boss you will receive an overpowered weapon you don't have to keep if you don't want to.more updates coming in the future.At 10,000 visits i will uncopylock my my VIP shirt at
Lost Soul RPG Testing

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Lost Soul RPG Testing
where i test everything before updating the playable version
Sword Fight while listening to music for PP

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Sword Fight while listening to music for PP
BRING FRIENDS!! any tips are greatly appreciated TY to crazymen for giving me his music GUI

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