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wolves united
wolves united
i am lvl80 on clock works calc and LOVE roleplaying games especialy wolf or fox ones
on a test of what color wolf i am
i Scored as Black wolf
You are a black wolf. Strong and silent. You tend to hangout by yourself and not depend on others. You're just a lone wolf in a crowd of hunters.

on another test to see am i Vampire or Werewolf or human? i scored

You are a werewolf! The ultimate creature in speed and strength! You have a lot of anger issues and can sometimes seem power hungry. You love to hunt. And you fear the creature with in you too.

on a test to show which animal i would be the results were Golden Eagle

You are a proud person and very brave. You hate evil and tend to stand up for yourself and others.
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rolplay as a wolf *new admin coming soon*

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rolplay as a wolf *new admin coming soon*
the move tool is actually a run tool---if you have any ideas pm===================================================================================hey everyone come check out my friends place to here is the link its an AWSOME PLACE YOU HAVE TO check it out
longest obby in roblox WORLD (work in progress)

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longest obby in roblox WORLD (work in progress)
private insert wars

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private insert wars
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bhjk's Place Number: 5


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