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The TimeLORDs
The TimeLORDs
My name is Gizzi09, my days on ROBLOX have come to an end, Zeplon will not be in hand no more, it will rust as an old primary base, maybe someone will use it...
I have left for various reasons, Trolls is the main one.
Also we don't have to use grammar... there is no rule FOR grammar, people DO know how to spell they just can't be bothered, roblox is not a literacy exam....
I will come on from time to time, mostly in April for Easter or any other event depending. As the Egg Hunt is the only decent thing about this game, thats usually why. Games now on ROBLOX are getting better (only some so calm down), however building on this game doesn't work very well in my opinion. Anyway I will see you all from time to time if we ever get the chance.
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Zeplon Republic: Home Base

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Zeplon Republic: Home Base
This is the main Zeplon base in Zeplon, Zeplon is also a Country like place on Roblox, soon to be a moon. Raidable Only when were are 5 people raiding Safe chat,Guest,Anyone. And if your Neutral Dont kill be a raider if your killing if your killing on Neutral team you will be Kicked/Banned To Zeplon Do Not Kill Neutrals unless told to.They could be friendly. if you get in the way you will be shot only if there is a big raid unless you say Something like "I come in Peace" Dont kill a Raider that has just got here until they Talk back or attack because they could be Friendly aswell if they are mean or attack, Kill them but ask them why they are here and if they want to look around give them a tour,sometimes they will ask for tours, you can give them tours but keep your gun out just incase and dont let them get anything. Yes, you can raid us. That's all for now.
[THE T.A.R.D.I.S] [BETA V.5]

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[THE T.A.R.D.I.S] [BETA V.5]
Go ahead and fly The TARDIS, i made this for RPing,Filming (If you ask for permission), and for people to enjoy. Credit still goes to GeneralTimeLord and the rest was edited and made by me. Beta Updates: V.3: Added New planet (Ember) Added Clockwork robots (In Ember) Added Dalek Ship Added Daleks (In Dalek Ship) Added Cyber Ship Added Cyberman hostile (In CyberShip) Added decal to the TARDIS entry Added TARDIS Paradox Updated Configureation Updated Gear Genres Updated Spawn location Added City in Ember (Sardeck Town) Fixed infecting clockwork men Fixed killing door in Sardeck,s Tower. V.4:(Small Update) Added Regeneration tool. V.5: Added new location - Cave Added more Weeping Angels Added Crack of time at two different locations Added Shadows Changed game thumbnail Updated configuration Changed Regeneration tool Wielded TARDIS seats Thats all now, Enjoy!
The Sarah Jane Adventures (UPDATES)

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The Sarah Jane Adventures (UPDATES)
Mr Smith. and many other aliens.
Build Your Own TARDIS.

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Build Your Own TARDIS.
build your very own tardis its cool makeing free vip soon with hats and stuff gimme some ideas for free vip on comants i will look at them and i might use the ideas when you have fineshed roleplay and film it add it to youtube
Test Area

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Test Area
Tests to be done...


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