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I'd say I've had a pretty unique expirence

20th of may 2008

ROBLOX admin party

builderman decides I'm being annoying so he freezes me, flips me upside down and enlargens my head don't belive me? It's true sadly theres no evidence because back then it was really hard to take screenshots of roblox
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Dred is almost fixed (VIP! Here: A fun 2D adventure game! *Note* Somtimes you may have to double click the continue button
Hero RPG

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Hero RPG
-- Say "save/" to save and "load/codehere" to load your proogress -- This game is no where near complete I didnt intend for it to get popular so quick -- To hand in a tool Quest touch the quest giver without the tool in your hand -- VIP:
Medievil Roblox

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Medievil Roblox
Re-making the way this game works. *Choose your Race then wait 5 seconds* *Next up Class menu*
Werewolf testing -Vavoo-

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Werewolf testing -Vavoo-
This is my werewolf place were i made werewolves that you can turn on and off *Want this morph 5000Bux or 100000Tix


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