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Shadow Akatsuki
Shadow Akatsuki
Hello, I am Yatero Hirashi, the leader of the Shadow Akatsuki. I am very kind to most people, and I will do what I must to protect the peace. I will help out most ROBLOXians with any questions, however: I will not build/script for you, I will not give you my place, I will not donate to you, I will not tolerate any annoyances, and I will NOT hesitate to eliminate any and all opponents, former and current. I will accept all friend requests, I will try my best to answer most messages if my inbox is not spammed, and I will do my best to make ROBLOXia a better place.
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Death Note
Shadow Akatsuki
Shinobi Shadows
The Shinobi


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Ashford Academy NOW OPEN

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Ashford Academy NOW OPEN
Welcome to Ashford Academy! Enjoy your stay you freeloaders :D (Some calsses aren;t finished. Deal with it.) WE NEED FOUR MORE PEOPLE WILLING TO BE STAFF MEMBERS. MESSAGE ME FOR THE JOBS. Updates: All classes but P.E. finished. (Though not decorated) Fixed Clock Tower. NEXT UPDATES: Working Clock on Clock Tower, All Classes done, Textbooks, OFFICIAL CLASS STARTS: June 10th
Naruto: Shinobi Sekai

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Naruto: Shinobi Sekai
Sure, why not?
BLEACH: Roleplaying [Hueco Mundo?]

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BLEACH: Roleplaying [Hueco Mundo?]
Roleplay as your favourite Bleach characters, or fanmade characters, in the increasing Bleach World! UPDATES; Senkaimon Tool added. You can now access the empty Hueco Mundo. NEXT UPDATE: Hollowfication - Get a Hollow Mask and more of the Seireitei.
Super Mario World! [Not Playable]

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Super Mario World! [Not Playable]
(This is not the SNES game.) Not Playable.


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