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Gir Fans!!
Gir Fans!!
❤R.I.P to my baby brother that was killed in a car crash 8 months ago at year and 3 months old , I love you to pieces Riley David. ❤
* My names Josie. ❥

My Old Account Is Josiejo. ( it's deleted now)
* I DO take requests.
*15. <3
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Gir Fans!!
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Work At a Mini Mall !♡❤ [ Update v2 [ NEW STORE B

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Work At a Mini Mall !♡❤  [ Update v2 [ NEW STORE B
ROBLOX Mini Mall~ Has 4 stores in it, with a ton of clothing in each, that I make MYSELF along with many other of your favorite designers clothes!. Yes you buy them IN STORE just like buying in the catolog accept you can see them better and shop quicker! c: The stores in le mall are , Victoria Secret, Rue 21, Jordan, and Hot Topic, I make each brand different, so each store has a variety of your favorites! c: I take requests also! ~ Each item is 100 tickets. New items will be added weekly, don'y forget to come by and look! After so long I may delete old items to make room for new . 10k place visits and i'll add another store! YES you can sell your items here also, all you have to do is message me the link to your item, BUT no I will not do it freely, it takes work to put your items in there, so I will put 3 items in for 100 Robux, it's worth it because your items are going to be sold, and you'll be making money quick! If you have any questions feel free to comment, ect! <3
Live in a apartment and own your own restraunt

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Live in a apartment and own your own restraunt
Hi. [Currecntly builiding this]


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